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You will find great products at great prices in all of our brochures! And with the highest profits paid to your group, this fundraiser is sure to be a hit!

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Fall Catalog

A fantastic fall shopper loaded with items distinctly displayed on 24 full color pages with product selections ranging from gift, food, wrap & accessories, flower bulbs, kitchen items, cookbooks, the spa collection, jewelry, home décor and much more!  With 84 items, it’s among the largest and most comprehensive in the industry.  We have selected only the top selling kitchen items and the very best of each category. This catalog will produce sales totals of uncommon volume for you as it has for other customers for the last several years.  The brochure offers a website to help increase your sales  Out of town friends and family can order online with direct shipping to their home.  Profit for online sales is 35%.  All items are student packed including a complete computer printout and  40% Profit.

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Spring Catalog

Your customers will be reminded of the fun and excitement of sunny days with this captivating new Spring brochure. Gift selections for Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter and Birthdays are perfect for spring sales and so much more. There are 40 pages with many items $15 and under... this makes it affordable for all! There are flower bulbs, items for dads, kids, candles and much more. Lets not forget our Family Favorites insert with 16 pages of food offering a variety of non frozen food products. This brochure offers a website to help increase your sales at Out of town friends and family can order online with direct shipping to their home. Profit for online sales is 35%. This brochure is available for student-pack at a 40% profit!

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Our ULTIMATE COFFEE COLLECTION order taker works great as a stand-alone fundraiser or add it as a tag-along to your gift catalog fundraiser!



Anywhere, Anytime... It's Easy to Shop Online with our new Gift Catalog!

For Funds Online

This 4-page brochure with both English and Spanish directions will take care of all your customers. There are 4 easy steps to get registered at and your supporters will receive your school code for fundraising. With a fabulous 35% profit, your fundraising couldn't be easier!

Sample Brochure

Student-pack orders ship 3-4 weeks after ordered, includes tallying, pack per student and computer printout. Times may vary during peak seasons.

Small groups (20-30) can expect average sales of $75-$100 per person. Large groups (over 200) can expect average sales of $50-$90 per person (approx. 1/4 of the group will participate).

Minimum order $5 x number in group = $ your final total COST
(i.e., $5 x 100 students = $500).

Limit one prize program.


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