Magazine Fundraising

Maximize Your Fundraising Profits
with Magazine Sales...40-45% PROFIT!

Everyone reads! In fact, eight out of 10 households in the United States purchase magazines each year. Whatever the interest, our magazine fundraiser has a selection of over 900 magazines to help you have profitable sales year after year!

List of Available Magazines

  • No minimum order
  • No upfront costs
  • Free catalogs, order forms and prize program

Traditional Magazine Program

Whatever the interest, American Publishers has a selection of over 850 magazines to help sustain traditional and profitable sales year after year.

More than 98% of the school and youth organizations each year will repeat their magazine sales. There are over 20,000 groups that run annual magazine sales. These are non-solicitation in nature.

Information Sheet

$25 Magazine Gift Cards

Redeemable Online! Easy to Sell!
Choose from over 500 titles at $25 or less from our online website. Gift cards are delivered back to you to give as great gifts for family and friends.

Online Sales

New! Home Delivery Option

Your supporters can now shop for Home Delivered Products when they order magazines online... same 40% profit (excluding shipping).

  • Online magazine sales only
  • Approximately 200 home delivered products offered
  • Products in popular categories like holiday, home, jewelry, kitchen, etc.
  • Products are shipped 2-3 weeks from time of online order
  • Flat shipping rate of $8.95 per order; free shipping on orders of $75 or more

Download Sample Home Delivery Add-On

On-line sales is one of the most rapidly growing fundraising segments within American Publishers.

The utilization of contemporary, cutting-edge technology coupled with a progressive approach toward internet sales has allowed American Publishers to establish an industry leading on-line sales program and identity!

AP web-sales are versatile and can be integrated into a traditional AP magazine fundraising program (or another type of traditional fundraising program) to create a simple, new, and dynamic fundraising source. Or, the AP on-line sales program can be utilized as a "stand-alone" program in which a simple web-link, or a personalized landing page/portal, is established for the school, group, league, or other non-profit organization. The entire fundraising program can then be executed in a 100% electronic, paperless environment!

More Money with Less Work...with our American Publishers On-Line Sales Programs! Take a look now... click here.


Locker Full of Prizes
Prize Special

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