Magazine Fundraising

Maximize Your Fundraising Profits
with Magazine Sales...40-45% PROFIT!

Everyone reads! In fact, eight out of 10 households in the United States purchase magazines each year.
Whatever the interest, our magazine fundraiser has a selection of over 900 magazines to help you have profitable sales year after year!


  • No minimum order
  • No upfront costs
  • Free catalogs, order forms and prize program
  • Online Ordering that offers many more Magazine Options & Home Delivery Items...Including TERVIS!

Traditional Magazine Program

More than 98% of the school and youth organizations each year will repeat their magazine sales. There are over 20,000 groups that run annual magazine sales. These are non-solicitation in nature.

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Online Sales

Home Delivery Option

Your supporters can now shop for Home Delivered Products when they order magazines online... same 40-45% profit (excluding shipping).

  • Approximately 200 home delivered gift products offered
  • TERVIS items are now available through this online option!

On-line sales is one of the most rapidly growing fundraising segments within Funderworks.

The utilization of contemporary, cutting-edge technology coupled with a progressive approach toward internet sales has allowed Funderworks to establish an industry leading on-line sales program and identity!

The on-line sales program can be utilized as a "stand-alone" program in which a simple web-link, or a personalized landing page/portal, is established for the school, group, league, or other non-profit organization or combined with a traditional fundraising program. The entire fundraising program can then be executed in a 100% electronic, paperless environment!

More Money with Less Work...with our On-Line Sales Programs!


Locker Full of Prizes
Prize Special

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