Zip Close Storage Bags

*Holiday Ordering Deadlines*

With Shipping and Supply delays Nationwide we suggest that all orders be placed no later than

Friday November 19th

to ensure ample time for delivery prior to Christmas

Zip close bags are practical items we all use! Bags are convenient for packaging lunches, storage or travel needs. Our Zip Close Bags are made of polyethylene and are BPA FREE and FDA APPROVED.

Sell in hand or by the case or take orders and deliver. 10 pack minimum order, can be mixed and matched. A PERFECT pairing to sell with the Trash Bag Fundraiser.

40% Profit and FREE SHIPPING!

Food Storage Value Bag Pack

Each $15 Value Pack consists of:
80 Snack Bags - 6-1/2" x 3-1/4"
60 Sandwich Bags 6-1/2" x 5-7/8"
33 Quart Bags -7" x 8"
18 Gallon Bags - 10-1/2" x 11"
Cost: $9
Sell Price: $15 per pack
40% Profit

Freshness Zip Bag Pack

The Freshness Zip Bag pack contains a special additive to keep vegetables and fruit fresh longer. The Value Pack contains 4 packs of 10 gallon sized bags.

Cost: $9
Sell Price: $15 per pack
40% Profit

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Check out our Trash Bag Fundraiser!
Perfect pairing to sell with the Zip Close Bag Fundraiser!


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