Steps to a Successful Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Step 1: Plan at least one month ahead of time.

  • A signed Fundraising Agreement must be sent in to Resource Solutions to get your fundraiser started. Agreements can be filled out online, faxed or mailed.
  • See our Getting Started section for everything you need.

Step 2: After we receive your signed Fundraising Agreement we will send order forms and catalogs to you prior to your start date.

  • It usually take 4-5 days to ship UPS ground. Planning ahead makes sure you receive them in plenty of time for your sale.

Step 3: Keep your Fundraiser to a Time Limit

  • We recommend no more than a 1-2 week selling period including 2 weekends.
  • Allow time for late orders to come in.
  • Most sales are done in 2-3 days so don't let the fundraiser drag on for weeks. This will keep your participants motivated and on track.

Step 4: Allow time for delivery of your products.

  • Allow at least 2 weeks for delivery of your products for bulk orders.
  • Allow 3 weeks for student pack.
  • No deliveries are made on weekends.

Step 5: Collect orders from students and total all forms at the bottom of each order form.

  • Tally all orders together and send master order form in.
  • Email, fax or mail in copies of order form for bulk orders.
  • Email or mail in copies of order form for student pack orders.

Step 6: Discuss payment options with Resource Solutions.

  • Payment is due upon order unless prior arrangements have been made.

Step 7: Fill out prize order form, if applicable, and send or fax with main order.

Step 8: Send in your order.

  • After you have sent in your order we will contact you with your shipping information including ship date and delivery date.

Step 9: It is best that the distribution be organized in a large area such as the gymnasium.

  • Be prepared to direct the driver to a parking area as near as possible to the area where distribution will be set up.
  • We suggest that you recruit two helpers per pallet.

Step 10: Go with the driver to the truck.

  • Make a note of the condition of the pallet and whether the plastic wrap surrounding the box is still intact.
  • You should receive a packing list and a reconciliation form.

Step 11: Once all of the boxes have been taken to the distribution area make a quick count of how many boxes you have received.

  • It is not necessary at this time to count each flavor (we will cover that later).
  • The driver has something you must sign.
  • Make a note on the delivery receipt of how many boxes you received and sign as the driver directs.
  • The driver is now finished and free to leave.

Step 12 for Student Pack Orders:

  • Boxes should be marked with student/teacher name for easy hand out.

Step 12 for Bulk Orders:

  • Sort all products into separate piles by flavor.
  • Each box will be color-coded by flavor and no box should contain more than one flavor.
  • Some boxes may be labeled "Partial Case." Open these boxes and place the product inside with the corresponding pile that it would belong to.
  • It is best to arrange products in the same order as the back of your brochures.
  • Take out your reconciliation form, or the one you get from the driver, and follow the steps indicated. You must complete this sheet BEFORE DISTRIBUTION.
  • Indicate below "Qty. Rec'd" how many of each flavor you have received.
  • Please be diligent in not allowing anyone to take any product before you account for everything ordered.

Step 13: Begin distribution by taking each child's brochure and using the totals quantity at the bottom of each flavor, fill how many of each is needed.

  • It would be best to set up an area for each teacher, class or grade and put each child's order with that group.
  • Whenever you finish with each order tape their brochure to the top of their tubs and await distribution time.
  • For larger orders you may want to reuse empty boxes to ease pickup.

Step 14: It is now okay to allow children or parents to pick up their orders.

  • During distribution if you become aware of any shortages or overages of product please note this on your reconciliation form (DO NOT change what you have already written as qty received).
  • Fax as soon as possible to 866-288-7834.
  • If you need additional product it can be shipped the following week and you must contact us.

You’ve Done A Good Job - Good Luck

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