Fundraising Agreement / Participation Form

Holiday Ordering Deadlines

to receive items the week prior to Christmas:

Custom Tervis: Friday November 3rd

Stock Tervis/Custom Combo & Swag Stainless: Friday November 10th

Cookie Dough/Seasonal Catalog: Friday November 17th

Coffee/Popcorn & Licorice: Monday November 27th

Trash Bags: Monday November 27th

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    By signing below, you aknowledge you agree to the following terms and conditions:

    Contact Person must be 18 years of age or older and does hereby represent and warrant that he/she is duly authorized by the participating organization to enter into this agreement on behalf of the organization. This is a binding contract.

    This Agreement is made on this date between Resource Solutions and Participant. Resource Solutions agrees to provide the requested fund-raising items to Participant. Resource Solutions will pay for all shipping and handling of catalogs, order forms and items ordered. Any merchandise that is damaged or missing will be replaced or refunded. Any merchandise that is discontinued, sold out or backordered will receive a full refund on cost of item if a suitable substitution is unacceptable. Any cancellation of order after receiving catalogs or order forms will be charged $50 minimum or cost of catalogs or forms plus freight charges unless Resource Solutions agrees in writing to accept a return at customer's expense. Freight charges will still be charged. Holiday and Spring catalogs may not be returned. Fund-raising merchandise may not be returned without written permission from Resource Solutions.

    Participant agrees to terms set forth and to pay invoice due to Resource Solutions upon order. 30-day terms are available to pre-qualified customers only. Participant agrees to accept full responsibility for all fund-raising items ordered and agrees to minimum order requirements as specified. Participant also agrees to sell items and pay Resource Solutions the amount due for each item sold with Mastercard, Visa, check, money order or a cashier's check. Personal checks may be held 7-10 working days. Any invoice not paid in full within 30 days of invoice due date will be charged interest plus any additional charges, interest or fees required to collect money due. 1.5% interest per month is charged on any invoice over 30 days (minimum $5.00 per month).

    Kansas residents must have a Tax Exemption Certificate or Resale Exemption Certificate filed with Resource Solutions in order to exempt participant from sales tax on all fund-raising items purchased. All other participants are responsible for any local sales tax. Some states require a sales tax exemption form for Tervis Tumblers or sales tax may apply.


    Organization Representative

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    IMPORTANT: Please print this page before sending this form!